Burt Reckles 70 year fascination in creating miniatures has progressed from constructing kits in his youth, to scratch built showpieces highlighted by both his unique, serious and humorous glass encaspsulated miniatures ("GEM") art works.

Many of his creations are now a part of the permanent collections of museums in Asia, Europe, and the United States, including the Smithsonian, where his work work was labeled “Modern American Maritime Art”. His pieces have been included in multiple exhibitions and received many competitive awards.


Reckles has authored technical articles and stories that have been published in both general interest and academic publications, including Ships in Scale, Model Ship Builder, The Bottle Shipwright, and The Journal of the Nautical Research Guild.


Most recently his pieces focusing on the Holocaust have been recognized by the US Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem which list him on their Artists Registry. Both have recognized him as the "sole" artisan listed in their registries working in this 400 year old dying art medium.  This recognition has led to exhibitions and speaking engagements on this unique facet of his art.

The State of Texas Commision On The Arts lists him as an Artist In Residence.


Email: burton@burtonreckles.com

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